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I had the joyful experience of meeting Celine on a wellness retreat in Italy where I was lucky enough to participate in her sunrise kundalini yoga classes on the beach each morning, and also receive a bio energy session on the beach. It was such an amazing experience! Celine instantly put me at ease and I was so comfortable in her presence that I was able to let go and fully immerse myself in the session. I felt like I released a lot of negative energy through the session and felt totally relaxed after. I followed up with 3 more sessions back in Dublin and each time I felt a deeper relaxation and floated home stress free! The physical sensations I was able to feel as the energy moved through my body reinforced in my mind the powerful forces at work. I had recently made a life changing decision prior to the bio energy treatments, which I was beginning to doubt, but through Celine’s coaching I was able to see that I had made the right decision and as a result I believed in myself more. I felt a sense of clarity and calmness and I let go of the fear and doubt I was holding onto. I highly recommend Celine as a therapist , she is such a caring, intuitive, gentle and loving soul and I’m so glad she chose this path to share her talents with us all! I look forward to many more classes and sessions in the near future ✨❤️