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La Lune Healing Cabin

Let Yourself Rest In The Arms of La Lune

La Lune opened its doors in June 2024 as a long time dream to have a dedicated healing space in my garden. 

La Lune means The Moon in French and the energy in the space is healing & light; inviting us to harmonize the different parts of ourselves and heal our relationship with our feminine energy.

The feminine aspect of ourselves for both men & women represents our relationship to our emotions, to our hearts, to our intuition, to rest, our worth & our felt sensations within our bodies.

 I believe at the core of each person is love and when we begin to open ourselves up to feel this love within us, we move and act in the world from this heart centered place.

I offer 1:1 Intimate Restorative Healing Treatments & Bespoke Sessions from La Lune

The treatments I combine include rahanni healing, bio-energy healing, life coaching, cyclical & soul guidance, oracle card wisdom and homemade sacred oil blends that bring deep soul healing.

You can book a treatment or enquire about a bespoke session you would like me to host for you, including womb blessings, special events and more.