Energy Healing

During the healing, I will combine energy therapies of Reiki and Bio Energy along with my own intuition to work through each of your chakra centers in your body. This therapy is without the use of ceremonial cacao

  It will be a hands-on and hands-off healing session and each session will be completely different as we will be working with the energy in your body and any guidance I receive during the session. 

The experience may include guided visualizations, meditations, sound, crystals, oracle cards etc.  You will remain lying down under the blanket for the entire session.  During the session, you may feel tingling, swirling, hot, cold sensations as the energy moves within your body. 

You may begin to release emotions and tears, which is a beautiful healing release.  You may receive specific downloads or guidance through the meditations.   You may fall into a deep restful sleep or access a blissful state of awareness where you feel complete stillness and light in your body and mind.  

Whatever the experience, it will be exactly what you need in that moment to support your own healing, growth and energy balancing.