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Conscious Leadership

My mission is to support leaders cultivate meaningful, compassionate & healthy relationship with themselves, so that there is greater awareness for the inner dialogue within the mind. I aim to help others understand what they are feeling within their bodies so they may cultivate a connection to their heart, spirit & sense of purpose in the world.

My primary degree was in HR Management & Accounting. I’ve worked across a range of different industries, including pharmaceuticals, oil & gas and tech. Since becoming a mother, I experienced a major internal shift which saw me struggle to continue working in highly competitive, demanding roles & organizations. Totally burnt out and in disconnection from myself, I decided to leave the corporate environment to pursue self development after the birth of my third child.

Over the past 10 years I have trained in many different healing modalities including emotional intelligence coaching, bio-energy, reiki & rahanni healing, yoga styles of kundalini, yin, restorative, trauma-informed, radiant body and The Red Schools – Menstrual Leadership Programme.

These trainings, in combination with my own mind-body connection, have brought me heightened awareness as to how we are traditionally taught to operate at the level of the mind only. However, women are cyclical by nature; our energy expands & contracts each month and yet we are expected to ‘perform’ the same every day. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, as are our emotions, yet we tend to ignore or suppress these aspects of ourselves. The truth for both men and women is that we are whole beings; mind, heart and body with a spirit that is always whispering to us.

To bring about real change in our lives and organizations, 

we need to look within and to reconnect with who we are beyond our triggers & daily stresses.

My experience working in HR allowed me to witness management development programmes that are only based on the mind-level yet ignored the important teachings, philosophies and practices such as yoga that can foster a mind-body connection as whole beings; mind, body and spirit. In order to thrive as leaders, we need all parts of ourselves to connect. It’s only when we begin to really connect with ourselves that we truly and meaningfully can connect with the world around us. The old model of leadership is a breeding ground for unhealthy toxic behaviours like competitiveness, domineerance, control, burnout, overwhelm and feelings of imposter syndrome or self esteem issues.

My model of leadership not only focuses on ‘what’ we do, but how and why we do it.

The behaviours we want leaders to exhibit are emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity, trust, compassion, integrity, self awareness, vulnerability, courage and resilience.

 To cultivate true leadership, we must teach people how to create a direct experience with the energy of these skill-sets by increased self awareness and fostering practices and rituals that regulate the nervous systems and clear our energy on a regular basis. When we work at the level of our body, mind & heart, we begin to understand the qualities we seek in true leadership. This is what creates rich, nourishing soil for people within organizations to thrive.

Corporate Services Include

  • An Additional Module within existing leadership Programmes that provides leaders a direct experience with ‘Conscious Leadership’
  • Overview of Approach & Personal Story
  • Reflective Questionnaire for leaders to identify their ‘triggers’ within work
  • Practices for Self Awareness and Emotional Literacy
  • Breathwork and Somatic Movement for Nervous System Re-balancing
  • Restorative and Relaxation Practice to connect with Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Group Reflection & Integration Tools for Daily Life
  • Offsite Day for Leadership Team that focuses on practices, rituals and techniques that bring team into greater connection.
  • Online Sessions: Designed for employees and leaders to reset nervous system, clear energy, connect with heart & spirit, cultivate compassion etc. (It is only with regular practice that we create more consciousness as people & leaders in the world.)

Previous clients include Bord Failte, Mater Private, Beaumont Hospital, CPL, Twitter, OutHaus, Oliver Plunkets Primary School, Sip of Support, Sona Life and more