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Turning the LOVE inwards

This is really slow and steady set to bring you into your body and cleanse your aura, we then focus on building the energy of the heart and directing the flow throughout the body.

Inviting in Joy

This is a lovely kriya to gently rise your energy before moving into a mantra for Joy – Ang Sang Wahey Guru. Enjoy.

Grounding & Mantra Class

This set is all standing specifically to help ground your energy and then moves into a beautiful mantra meditation to increase your energy.

Reclaiming Your Sealskin with Jen Murphy

This very special bonus session is hosted by Jen Murphy from the Celtic School of Embodiment where she guides us through some Celtic Mythology, a Selkie Story and embodiment practice with prompts.

Sacral Healing Ceremony – 21 March

I am joined by the gorgeous Jen Kavanagh to guide us into a channeled meditation into our womb space. I open the ceremony with some feminine mudra flows activating our shakti flow.

Awaken Your Energy – Day 2

This short set is designed to quickly shift your energetic state, activate your creative capacity for life and seal it into your electomagnetic field.