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Inviting in Joy

This is a lovely kriya to gently rise your energy before moving into a mantra for Joy – Ang Sang Wahey Guru. Enjoy.

Restoring Balance & Equilibrium

This 30 minute set starts with some surya namaskara and moves into a powerful seated sequence with breath of fire and arm movements & mantra to bring balance & equilibrium to your being.

Yoga for Heart Centered Projection

This 45 min set is to activate energy at the navel, bring it up to the heart and then we do a seated chanting meditation to distribute and harmonize the energy at the throat.

Sun Energy Yoga for Inspiration

This 30 minute set is designed to raise your sun energy through right nostril breath, sat kriya, frogs and simple movements along with moving arm chant meditation for our throat chakra.

Yoga for Throat Chakra

This 45 minute set works on the throat, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. It is wonderful to experience and includes Gayatri Mantra Chant.

Projecting your total self

This 45 minute set works on balancing our head and heart so we can project our total self ending with the beautiful humee hum mantra.

Gentle Harmony Class

This 30 minute set is a gentle kriya to balance your energy before a beautiful humee hum mantra helping to tune us into the consciousness of ourselves as well as others.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.