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Bringing us into a state of flow

This set for our pelvic region takes us through a number of postures to balance our pelvis, balance our emotional state and brings us into a state of flow using sitali breath meditation at the end.

Getting Your Body Out of Distress

This very gentle but effective class that taps/bangs/activates different meridian & acupressure pressure points in the body to relieve distress, tension, emotions leaving you feeling lightly energized.

Stress Release Set

This 30 minute set is designed to powerfully release any stress or tension that you are carrying, moving you from this state to a state of gratitude.

Morning Shift & Connect

This is a gentle & simple 30 minute kriya to help shift your energy and connect you inward. Includes Sat Kriya at the end which is incredible for balancing emotions & energy.

Sun Energy Yoga for Inspiration

This 30 minute set is designed to raise your sun energy through right nostril breath, sat kriya, frogs and simple movements along with moving arm chant meditation for our throat chakra.

Yoga for Emotional Balance

This set is all about balancing and directing our emotions so they can flow freely through us, we also chant the divine I am Beautiful Meditation at the end. Enjoy xx

Honouring our womb & sexuality

This yoga set focuses on balancing our sexual energy as well as connecting us to the energy of our womb space & great cosmic womb. Class ends with beautiful Adi Shakti Mantra.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.

Releasing Emotions from the past

This yoga set is specifically for the sacral chakra, the energy center of our emotions, creativity, spontaneity & joy! There is a particular focus on releasing emotions through the set and with the meditation.

Connecting to the Original You

This is a powerful two kriya set, which really works on distributing your prana evenly throughout your body and then harnessing it with a kriya to really help you connect to the core of who you are.