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Building our Power & Vitality

This set is to really activate our power centre, it takes us through some dynamic standing postures through to breath of fire meditation to enliven our vitality! Enjoy.

Restoring Balance & Equilibrium

This 30 minute set starts with some surya namaskara and moves into a powerful seated sequence with breath of fire and arm movements & mantra to bring balance & equilibrium to your being.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.

Igniting Your Willpower & Courage

Starting with lighting the fire within, grounding it into your being and then moving the energy through into your heart center so you can harness your willpower & courage to be YOU.

Access Your Inner Power

This is a super powerful kriya and meditation for our navel center – includes deep shavasana at the end – Enjoy!

Inviting Clarity & Calm

This class starts with activating our energy, moving to dynamic sun salutations, harnessing our energy before we move into a powerful kriya to balance our hormones so we can feel clear & calm.

Let the Light In

Powerful class starting with dynamic standing postures, moving into kriya to activate light within, ending with mantra meditation and blissful shavasana.