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Awaken Your Energy – Day 4

This is a super potent meditation using a specific mudra with different breath techniques, it will challenge you but will powerfully shift your energy & help you to experience the original you.

1. Daily Practice for Heart Chakra

This is a short seated session uses breath of fire, along with long deep breaths and specific arm movements to help open & balance our heart chakra to expand into the portal of our hearts.

Breath of Light Practice

This is a beautiful seated practice where we gently open up the energy centres before moving into a breath of life pranayama meditation which harnesses our energy at our brow point.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.

Grounding Breath Series

This is a short & simple daily practice uses the power of your breath to bring a sense of calm, clarity and wholeness to your being. Practice in the morning or any time of day to balance & energize.