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1. Daily Practice for Heart Chakra

This is a short seated session uses breath of fire, along with long deep breaths and specific arm movements to help open & balance our heart chakra to expand into the portal of our hearts.

New Lungs & Circulation

This set works to bring lots of fresh air into our lungs, it also activates our lymph nodes & improves circulation. It will leave you feeling refreshed & is a fun set to do.

Yoga to Open Your Wings to Life

This short kriya uses a lot of gentle arm movements and specific breaths to open up the higher energy centers to help us cultivate an energy of trust for life. Class ends with simple breath meditation.

Yoga for Heart Centered Projection

This 45 min set is to activate energy at the navel, bring it up to the heart and then we do a seated chanting meditation to distribute and harmonize the energy at the throat.

Projecting your total self

This 45 minute set works on balancing our head and heart so we can project our total self ending with the beautiful humee hum mantra.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.

Connecting to the Original You

This is a powerful two kriya set, which really works on distributing your prana evenly throughout your body and then harnessing it with a kriya to really help you connect to the core of who you are.

Opening to Love & Compassion

This is a gentle class with warm-ups to open the shoulders and chest leading into kriya to open us to the limitless love residing within. Class ends with some lovely seated breath work and rav drum shavasanna.

Stabilize & Energize Connection to YOU

This class starts with some lovely standing flows grounding us into our bodies before powerfully activating our heart center to energize us. Ending in lovely Humee Hum Mantra and shavasana.