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Turning the LOVE inwards

This is really slow and steady set to bring you into your body and cleanse your aura, we then focus on building the energy of the heart and directing the flow throughout the body.

Project Your Radiance

This set opens with gentle movements and then moves into an 11 minute breath meditation, finishing with a moving celestial chant meditation.

Yoga to Keep Up Your Spirit

This is a super kriya designed to powerfully charge up your auric field & energy body, it will leave you feel energized and clear out so much stagnancy.

Expand Your Aura

This 30 minute set is wonderful to both connect you to the earth and open your crown chakra, expanding your aura and setting you up for the day.

Awaken Your Energy Bodies

This 45 minute set is a classic set kriya which works to open us on every level, ending with a beautiful 5 minute ‘Ek Ong Kar’ (we are one) Chant.

Breath of Light Practice

This is a beautiful seated practice where we gently open up the energy centres before moving into a breath of life pranayama meditation which harnesses our energy at our brow point.

Invoking your Inner Calm & Bliss

This 30 minute set warms up with some gentle hip openers and arm movements before moving into a special pranayama meditation to invoke your inner bliss.

Sun Energy Yoga for Inspiration

This 30 minute set is designed to raise your sun energy through right nostril breath, sat kriya, frogs and simple movements along with moving arm chant meditation for our throat chakra.

Chakra Breathing Class

This is a beautiful seated set that takes you through different mudras and breaths for each energy centre to bring you into a state of balance & wholeness.