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Celine DoyleWho Am I

Wow – what a question, I believe we are so much more than what we do, what we train in or who we care for.  We are our essence, our energy, we are ever evolving and this question often leaves me wondering rather than certain!  I love and am interested in so many different things in life, I’m most definitely a seeker, I have a big curious head about the unseen and it has led me to explore & train in so many different things over the years.  So I would say I’m a weaver of many disciplines and modalities.  Over the years I’ve studied & trained in various different Yogic practices including Kundalini, The Heart of Yin, Radiant Body Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga.   I like to blend these different styles together into my own style of yoga I call Radiant Heart Yoga (I really feel as teachers we each bring our own unique essence to whatever we teach, so I like to honour the roots & add my essence) weaving breath work, mantra, gentle movements, embodied flows, dance, kriya and meditation together.  My classes are very accessible and open to all who wish to connect with themselves in a deeper way.  I also have a deep love & respect for energy healing modalities & have trained in Bio Energy Healing, Reiki Healing modalities along with the plant medicine of ceremonial cacao.  I love creating my own sacred oil blends that I also bring into my 1:1 Treatment sessions to bring healing at a soul level & a deep sense of healing and connection back to the body and heart.

Over the past 4 years I have been following what I call the red thread of the feminine mysteries …. really understanding how we can live a little bit more cyclical & harmoniously with our own cycle aswell as the earths seasons and the Great Mother Energy.  I have trained with the Red Schools Menstrual Leadership Programme, Kitty Maguire’s Embodied Alchemist Training and really passionately believe in the power of our cycle for women as a vital tool for self-care, self-knowledge and self-compassion.   I have also immersed myself in the teachings of the Rose Lineage and how we can really unlearn much of what we have been taught to begin to create space in our bodies & hearts for what feels true for each of us.  My approach is gentle and supportive, always guiding you to trust your own experience and intuition.  It is easy in the spiritual world to give our power away to others who we feel are more connected, I strongly believe in supporting you to trust your own experience, your own intuition as this truly is the way we grow in deeper connection with ourselves.

  My vision is that all women are deeply connected to themselves, that they have the courage and strength to work on themselves through their fears & pains.  That when we do we each develop a deep sense of self love and understanding that we are fully human & fully divine.  We remember that love is our natural state.  The way into our hearts is through our feeling sense, I really believe to feel is to heal. 

I’m also a very busy mum to 3 young boys, so am often spotted running like a headless chicken somewhere!  I am not perfect and don’t believe anyone has the perfect live, what matters most to me is that my boys feel seen & heard (as much as I can).  I like to swim between the worlds of the mundane & the mystical, I’m a typical Pisces so swimming in the deep is a good analogy as well as the warm shallows.  …When I’m not with the boys, or on my yoga mat, I love being outdoors, with good friends, parties, sunshine, sea  swimming, always up for a bit of fun and a giggle and LOVE a deep conversation:)  

Minding Me WellnessMy Yoga style

Yes I’m a yoga teacher, but I would say I’m not a typical yogini in that my body is not super flexible.  For me yoga is so much more about moving and shifting energy through the body. It is about allowing old emotions to be released, feeling the uncomfortableness, the stillness, the bliss and the joy! 

Yoga for me is about helping my mind become still so I can access my inner voice.  It is then when I love to meditate using breath, mantra, visualization, healing meditations,  connecting with spirit guides (if you’re open to it!) and more. 

Yoga has been so transformative in peeling back the layers and is like the gift that keeps giving.  I love how varied it is and that you can choose to simply sit on your bum one day moving your hands to bring you into a state of stillness or on another day experience a full physical practice whereby your body & energy field feels amazing after or the bliss of yin late at night just before bed sending me off to the land of sweet nod.  It is so important that each and every class is a truly embodied experience. 

I teach and share from my heart so every class is unique.  For me, it is an absolute joy to witness & feel when students experience a deeply moving class.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share this sacred healing gift with the world!  

I hope you enjoy my classes


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