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2024 Classes, Courses & Workshops

Classes, Courses and Workshops

I offer an array of classes, courses and retreats which reflect my extensive experience as a Yoga Teacher, Healing Guide and Menstrual Leadership Practitioner.

My approach is gentle and supportive. Rather than taking your power away, I strongly encourage you to trust your own intuition and inner guidance so that you may grow in deeper connection to yourself. Nothing lights me up more than witnessing others remember their own self-connection to love, light, purpose and belonging. It is my privilege to support you with my work.

To find out about my upcoming classes and courses, please view my schedule at the link below

with Celine Florence Doyle

20th – 22nd September 2024

We are delighted to share an invitation to participate in our Opening to Love Retreat, a welcoming space to connect with your feminine energy, your heart and your inner wisdom through ceremony, inner exploration, connecting with nature, yoga and transformative experiences. We are looking forward to seeing you at Mulvarra House!

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and Puja Sue Flamm

Every week at Lemon Tree Studio, Killester, Dublin

Radiant Heart Yoga is a blend of various different yoga styles that are weaved together to create a heart opening class that is gentle and open to all levels.  The classes include breathwork, visualizations, gentle repetitive movements, blissful mantra and guided relaxation. Each class is designed to help us drop out of our minds and into the portal of our heart. Inviting us to remember the lightness within the core of our being.  

New Moon
Restorative Yoga

Beginning October 2024 until April 2025

Lemon Tree Studio, Killester, Dublin

Restorative Yoga is a beautiful style of yoga whereby you rest deeply into each posture to find ultimate relaxation.

My intention, during teaching, is that you find a place in each posture to truly let go in and allow yourself to receive the nourishment and healing that your body so deserves and deeply desires.

It is my pleasure to support you in finding the most comfortable postures by, with permission, offering hands-on-healing with my unique sacred oil blends. Each class is tailored to the groups individual needs and I hope that by the end of my restorative yoga classes you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and restored to the best of your ability.