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The Bliss of Mantra Meditation

When I first started mantra meditation it did feel strange and i’ll be honest a little self conscious to be chanting!! Yet it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this beautiful style of meditation that helps you to express yourself and your truth in this world.

Yoga for transmuting energy & emotions

One of the beautiful benefits of yoga is the power it has to transmute emotional states. As a deeply sensitive soul and empath who can take on other people’s energy, I have come to understand how yoga really supports me in my life. When I arrive onto my mat, stressed out about work or a relationship in my life or worried about my children, there comes a point in my practice that everything falls away.

Our menstrual cycle and Yoga

In my own journey with yoga, I have struggled with the strict discipline of some teaching traditions. Overtime I began to really understand how women’s bodies and energy levels differ from men. We follow a monthly cycle and our energy levels rise for half of our cycle and contract after ovulation.

Sacred Daily Practice

I started a daily meditation and yoga practice during my kundalini yoga teacher training 4 years ago. It was difficult at the beginning to dedicate time to it and show up every morning. Over time I noticed subtle shifts in my life, very small on a day to day basis but overtime they became significant. My spiritual connection has gently flourished, my attunement to energy moving through my body has grown, my intuition has deepened, the peace I feel from a meditation practice is constantly evolving, real self love & acceptance is forever unfolding.