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1:1 Sacred Oil Energy Healing

I offer 1:1 Sacred Oil Energy Healing; my unique blend of healing treatments, customized and tailored to your needs. 

The treatments I combine include rahanni healing, bio-energy healing, life coaching, cyclical living and the wisdom of your soul’s consciousness, oracle card wisdom and homemade sacred oil blends.

These sessions take place in my garden’s beautiful healing cabin, located in north county Dublin. I use handcrafted oils from the myrrophore tradition to work at a soul-level to bring about the deepest healing.

My intention, during this treatment, is that you experience true healing as a felt bodily sensation through deep relaxation and energetic shifts. You may also receive guidance or clarity from your ‘spirit team’ during the session or your own innate wisdom. It is an absolute privilege to hold the space for you on your healing journey. All my love, Celine

La Lune opened its doors in June 2024 as a long time dream to have a dedicated healing space in my garden. 

La Lune means The Moon in French and the energy in the space is healing & light; inviting us to harmonize the different parts of ourselves and heal our relationship with our feminine energy.